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Two Ciel Theory - Hints so far extended!



I wanted to make an updated version of the post Crow-ling did a few months ago as some new evidence for the two Ciels theory has come to light. I won’t mention the points she has mentioned but I will refer back to her lovely post which is here!

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About people not mentioning Ciel’s dead brother… I will always point out that we only saw the first moments of his reunions with Mr. Tanaka, Madame and Elizabeth, so we don’t know what they were talking about then, also when Ciel was kidnapped he was 10 and at the beginning of the manga he was 12 - during those two years they might have talked about his brother, but his reaction would make them stop. Also after 2 years the reasons to talk about such a painful past are slimmer than right after it happening. 

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"If The Devil isn't trying to trip you up, 
It's because he's already got you."
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Ciel's Recovery || Chapter 95
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Kuroshitsuji / 2Spooky - CHP. 49 / Earl Grey, Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis

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Anon said: Nine or Twelve from ZnT?

"They were weak. That’s why they died.
We were weak, too. That’s why we couldn’t save them.
But we’re different now.”

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Tokyo Ghoul → Kaneki Ken
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     Noah’s Ark Circus principal attractions.

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Can I just say these are Yana’s cats, which is what last night’s Cat AU was inspired by. 

Apparently, the grey one is a rather feisty cat that does not like being held, and bites when he is pet. It’s also a lot younger than the black one. It does show it’s affections in a rather roundabout way.

The black one on the other hand has a much more mellow, calm personality. 


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Sebastian being a little shit and enjoying Ciel’s discomfort. 

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