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Original By Yana Toboso || Edited By Me.
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Kuroshitsuji / Chapter 74
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I agree with the anon though, it’s a really beautiful theme. :’)
What about your previous theme? :/ (I agree with the anon! <3)

Thank you guys :3
I guess I might try to publish it soon XD
I should publish it OTL but Im being so lazy DX

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Ciel Phantomhive & Sebastian Michaelis, sketch by Yana Toboso

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Kuroshitsuji Gentanten Goods ~Osaka~  2014/4/23-5/12

  • Autograph Print - 50 pieces
  • 直筆サイン入り版画 限定70枚 
  • 40,000円
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Back then, I didn’t get what the young master meant. But I do now, that one word changed my destiny.❞

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Remember what he is.”

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We also need a proper source for the image since it says weheartit is the source o3o

is the original image by さぼり who seems also has a tumblr.

I guess she removed her Lavi art from pixiv.

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